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Moscow Kremlin considered one of Wonders of the World. The oldest Russian castle, the Kremlin was wooden, was white-stone, it was destroyed, burned – and rised again, more majestic and beautiful, than it was before. The Moscow Kremlin is great treasure in terms of religion, history and culture. It was serve as the basis for the creation of Moscow Country.

Uspensky cathedral, that was built in 1475-1479 years by architect Aristotel Fioravanti, was the main temple of country, where married and crowned all Russian monarchs. Interior of Uspensky cathedral decorated by wall paintings and iconostasis in middle of XVII century. There are true masterpieces of Russian icon painting stored in that cathedral.

Arkhangelsk cathedral was build in 1505-1508 years by Aleviz Noviy, before beginning of XVIII it was tomb of great Moscow kings and princes. Blagoveshensky cathedral was home temple of Great Moscow prince, and then – of Russian Kings. Cathedral was built in 1484 – 1489 years by Pskov’ masters. The Patriarch's Palace with church of the Twelve Apostles were build in 1653 – 1655 years for the Patriarch Nikon. Bell tower of Ivan the Great (belfry of the Moscow Kremlin) was create in XVI – XVII centuries. In 1505 – 1508 years architect Bon Fryazin erected belltower of Ivan the Great; after one century it get one more floor and it’ height became 81 meter. Near the belltower in 1532 – 1552 years was build church by project by Petrok, it was converted in the end of XVII century into the Uspenskaya belfry. Now on the first floor of Uspenskaya belfry is located exhibition louge off museum.

Armoury — Moscow Museum-Treasury — is part of a complex of the Grand Kremlin Palace. It is located in a building constructed in 1851 by architect Konstantin Ton. The basis of the Museum collection amounted by stored for centuries in the Royal Treasury and the Patriarch sacristy precious items made in the Kremlin workshops and received as gifts from foreign embassies. The Museum is one of the oldest Kremlin treasuries. Since 1960, the Armoury chamber is part of the State museums of the Moscow Kremlin and its branch — Museum of applied arts and life Russia XVII century (opened in 1962) is a former Patriarchal chambers.Now the exposition of the Armoury chamber consists of nine halls located on two floors, presented on the first floor there are clothes and fabrics of the XVI and XVII centuries, a collection of thrones of the Russian tsars, coronation dresses, ancient clothing, a large number of carriages and coaches of those times.

On the second floor of a large collection of gold and silver items of the XII-XX centuries, the Russian firearms of the XVII century, the Russian defensive armor with a gold cross cut and inlaid on the ancient weapons, the icon painters of the Armory and the art of decorating books, firearms imported weapons from the Embassy of the gifts.

The Diamond Fund was created much later the Armory and is its logical complement.The exposition consists of two halls: Historical room contains objects belonging to members of the Russian Imperial family, Royal regalia, including the world famous crown of the Russian Empire, created specifically for the coronation of the Russian Empress Catherine II, pre-revolutionary Russian and foreign orders. In the modern hall are the large ingots of gold and platinum found in Russia, diamonds, giants and modern jewelry.

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Excursions to the Diamond Fund, trips to the Armory, the faceted chamber and Teremno Palace and visit to the Grand Kremlin Palace - is the best way to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage that is carefully preserved in the walls of the Moscow Kremlin.